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Saint Thomas Academy is a place where boys in grades 6-12 harness their greatest intellectual, athletic, spiritual and leadership potential. Here, they can explore and become the young men they are meant to be. It’s the origin of a life-changing bond of brotherhood your son will carry with him for life.

Saint Thomas Academy, originally known as St. Thomas Aquinas Seminary and formerly known as St. Thomas Military Academy, is the only all male, Roman Catholic, college-preparatory, military high school in Minnesota. It is located in Mendota Heights near Saint Paul. The Academy has a middle school and a high school.

Visitation School

Visitation School, also known as Visitation or Vis, is an independent, all-girls, Roman Catholic, college-preparatory, school in Minnesota. It is located in Mendota Heights near Saint Paul. Visitation is a coeducational school for grades Montessori PreK-grade 5, and all-girls for grades 6-12. Visitation is the only all-girls secondary school in Minnesota.

A brother school, Saint Thomas Academy, is located across the street and many classes and after school activities involve both schools.

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