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U CAN Swim extends the highly successful swimming operations of CurrentWave of British Columbia, Canada, into the United States. The framework and programs deployed in Canada for a number of decades was originally I Can Swim (TM) and owned by Canadian Swimming and various swim provinces. Under the present leadership of J. Barry Healey, the geographic boundary is expanding. Furthermore, the content areas and online delivery of assets are expanding too.

The International Swim Coaches Association, SwimISCA.org, is a helpful sponsor. Coach Mark Rauterkus of Pittsburgh, PA, USA, also ISCA’s webmaster and a former independent, small-press publisher, is managing the platform’s digital development.

The U CAN Swim mission is to promote and deliver high-quality aquatic education to benefit children, adults, schools and program leaders through online and in-person instruction and guidance. Our customer service and insights aim to exceeds customer expectation.

Market Analysis

This past year, the Canadian Red Cross ended all aquatics activities including swim lessons and even lifeguard training. CurrentWave has been in a growth mode rushing to fill the organizational needs of many universities, government entities and swim clubs.

In the aftermath of the pandemic, many challenges exist in rebuilding aquatic opportunities for kids and adults and replenishing the ranks of lifeguards, officials and coaches – and program leaders. Many have departed the profession and are not returning.


A great deal of swimming instruction services are currently focused on elite swimmers and professional athletes. We are committed to providing swimming enrichment to people of all ages and levels. U CAN Swim fills the need for swimming instruction that accommodates all levels of interest, proficiency, and economic means.


The present target market for U CAN Swim includes expert coaches, authors, thought leaders, and recreational directors. Working with ISCA and its meets and clinics, we anticipate outreach discussions to yeild dozens of cooperative program sites within the USA in the months to come.

Market Needs

Swimming instruction services such as swim schools are available in many parts of the country. However, few companies are committed to providing comprehensive programs beyond swim lessons. U CAN Swim intends to meet the greater needs and appeal to more diverse populations.

Strategy and Implementation

U CAN Swim offer a comprehensive range of swimming instruction services from camps to school districts to compeitive swim teams. Services aer customized for each customer. Our menu driven programs are flexible so as to be able to adapt with services to meet customers’ individual needs and requests.

Sales & Marketing Strategy

Our primary sales and marketing strategy is to market services through the websites, with social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) and in-person at clinics and competitions.

Places and facilities where swimming happens are blogged about within this site.

If you'd like to feature a swim pool in a blog post here, send some photos and details to webmaster-team@SwimISCA.com.  

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